Dubai leads with recycling initiatives in the region along with top 70 cities in the world

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network in partnership with Dulsco organised the ‘Open Source Circular Economy’ Days. Dubai is the only city in the region to be part of ‘OSCE Days’ among 70 other global cities. The industry experts from Dubai shared best practices with regard to efficiently recycling resources, collaborating with peers and thereby creating a new self-sustaining circular economy. The event conducted at the Dubai Chamber was held under the patronage of Dubai Municipality and was supported by BlackForest Solutions GmbH.

Dubai has fast tracked its approach towards establishing an efficient waste management system. The increasing population of UAE and development of several residential and commercial clusters also adds a lot of pressure on waste management and thereby puts a lot of pressure on the landfill if it is not managed properly. The transient population in UAE is a challenge, therefore constant awareness campaigns on recycling are necessary to inform the new residents in the city.

“Today the trending topic for going green in the Middle East is ‘environmentally sustainable waste management’. UAE is playing a major role in the region and set an example to reach the goal of ‘zero waste’ and to effectively divert majority of the waste from landfills. Waste management is an area of key concern not only from the regional point of view but also at a global level. The forthcoming expo in Dubai envisages an important role in reinforcing the efforts to make sure that the Middle East is adept to fulfil its requirement concerning environment conservation,” said S.Balakumar, Managing Director, Dulsco.
UAE currently has one of the highest carbon footprints in the world but the event participants believed that if everyone participates in the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ process, then a zero-waste society is possible by 2021.

‘Circular economy’ is the concept of a truly sustainable economy that works without waste, saves resources and is in synergy with the biosphere. Rather than seeing emissions, byproducts, or damaged and unwanted goods as ‘waste’, in the circular economy they become raw material, nutrients for a new production cycle. ‘Open Source’ is based on transparent and often distributed development, and the open sharing of solutions. A sustainable, waste free, circular economy often needs transparency, open access to information and open source solutions. OSCE Days is organised worldwide to achieve this purpose.

Recycling has been a key discussion topic in various forums in UAE and several strategies have been deployed to take the country towards a greener, cleaner and sustainable environment.

“Dulsco is proud to be part of OSCE Days and will continue to contribute towards a better environment for the nation. In addition to several such initiatives, in 2014, we partnered with Dubai Municipality for its ‘My City My Environment’ campaign, to make Dubai an environmentally sustainable city. Throughout the year, we have reach out to schools, colleges and communities and we would like to urge UAE residents to be aware of the importance of recycling and waste management and contribute towards this cause,” concluded Balakumar.

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