Dubai Customs thwarts attempt to smuggle 5.7m Captagon pills

Saturday 04 May 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Dubai Customs made a new major captagon seizure hidden in a foodstuff container coming from an Arab country. Cooperation between different customs departments and good planning have led to thwarting the attempt to smuggle 5.715 million Captagon pills at Jebel Ali & Tecom Customs Center.

The container was scanned, and with the help of the customs K-9 Dog unit, the illegal Captagon pills were seized. This raises the number of Captagon pills seized during the last 4 months to 10.715 million pills. Just a few days before 2019 unfolds, Jebel Ali & Tecom Customs Center announced the seizure of 5 million Captagon pills.

Alertness of inspection officers and coordination between different sections coupled with the use of best technologies in the field have led to the seizure of these illegal pills which were carefully hidden inside bags full with red lentils.

Commenting on the seizure, Director General of Dubai Customs Ahmed Mahboob Musabih pointed out all customs departments work and coordinate together to combat illegitimate trade and thwart any narcotic drugs smuggling attempts.

“We are vigilant and well prepared to all attempts of bringing these illegal contrabands into the UAE through Dubai entry points. The high sophisticated level that Dubai Customs reached in terms of infrastructure, equipment and the skills of their customs officers have led to more control over the emirate’s entry points and borders following the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai” says Musabih.

Yousef Al Hashimi, director of the Jebel Ali Customs Centres Management said there is high level of coordination between the center and Dubai Customs’ intellegene department. This, along with the advanced equipment available at the center has helped thwart the illegal shipment, he explained.

The centre has recently applied a smart inspection system that successfully streamlined the flow of containers and improved the process of tracking them.

"The full X-ray container detection system, the first of its kind in the world, can process 150 containers per hour," he added. "These achievements at the Jebel Ali Customs Centre Management support our preparations for the upcoming Expo 2020."

Shuaib Al Suwaidi, Customs Intelligence Director at Dubai Customs revealed they track shipments on their way to Dubai’s entry points based on numerous data and intelligence resources.

“We have a very advanced smart risk engine in place which we developed in-house to track all coming shipments and classify them based on their risk level” he said.

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