DED awards ‘VIP Category’ rating to Azadea Group for success in Self Inspector campaign

Wednesday 01 June 2016
Mohammed Lootah

Dubai - MENA Herald: The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has given a ‘VIP Category’ rating to the Azadea Group for its outstanding commitment to complying with business regulations and success in implementing DED’s ‘Self Inspector’ initiative for retail groups and shopping malls.

The Self Inspector initiative was launched in March 2015 to train and enable inspectors nominated by shopping malls and retail groups to ensure full compliance of their respective business outlets with DED’s commercial guidelines and regulations, without the need for field visits by DED officials. It is part of DED’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the relations with retailers, enhance mutual trust and bring best international practices into retailing in Dubai.

The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in DED trained 34 inspectors from the Azadea Group according to a two-day training, which included a workshop on compliance regulations and violations as well as field visits to stores under the respective business group. Inspectors from CCCP later visited the stores of Azadea Group and noted that they have fully complied with the regulations.

Mohammed Lootah, Executive Director of CCCP, remarked: "We are pleased with business groups such as the Azadea Group showing a high level of compliance with business regulations and commitment to the rights of their consumers. Their participation in the Self Inspector campaign speaks of the mutual trust between the public and private sectors in Dubai, its role in improving service quality, and the level of transparency upheld by retailers and shopping malls in Dubai.”

Elaborating on the successful journey of the campaign since its launch last year, Lootah said 465 self-inspectors from 29 business groups have been given free training so far under the programme. Graduates received certificates and participation points from DED. Lootah calls upon shopping malls and business groups to participate in the initiative and experience the improvements into work processes.

Hassan Ghalib, Azadea Group chairman said: "The Self Inspector programme goes a long way in meeting our expectations as investors and contributes to promoting consumer confidence in retailers. At the Azadea Group, we always seek to comply with the laws and regulations and provide the best services and products to consumers, befitting the reputation of Dubai. The Self Inspector programme also helps increase awareness of doing business and commercial compliance while also reinforcing our confidence in the efforts of the Department of Economic Development in improving the investment environment and pursuing innovations.”

Ghalib added that the Group plans to have employees from all stores under it enrolled in the Self Inspector initiative.

CCCP assesses the Self Inspectors across various stages and rates the participating business groups and shopping centres as follows: Excellent and committed (15-25 points), Needs follow-up (25-50 points), Needs further training and qualification (50 points and above). Inspectors are asked to attend graduation programmes again in the case of repeated or accumulated cases of irregularities or if the inspector is seen as ineffective.

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