Borouge launches its 2021 Sustainability Goals

Monday 06 June 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: In line with its commitment to sustainability, Borouge, a leading petrochemical company that provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions, has launched its Sustainability Goals for 2021 to drive outstanding efficiency, performance and profitability. Borouge is among the first companies in the Middle East to publically declare its five-year Sustainability Goals together with specific measurable targets of improvement. They reflect the Company’s extraordinary commitment to innovation and sustainability in line with the UAE’s Vision 2021 and Borouge’s support the spirit of the World Environment Day.

“We have launched our 2021 Sustainability Goals to increase our focus on specific drivers of performance and further commitment to our long term social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic growth in the UAE,” says Ahmed Omar Abdulla, CEO of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge). “By establishing these goals and committing to clear targets across our organisation, we will optimise the social and environmental impact of our operations and products. We expect that these ambitious targets will deliver positive results and that when we arrive at 2021, we will be celebrating our achievements.”

“These Sustainability Goals enhance our commitment to providing sustainable plastics solutions that address global challenges and enhance people's daily lives.”

Borouge’s six Sustainability Goals are:

• Protect and promote the well-being of our people
• Foster the welfare of our communities
• Optimise the use of our resources
• Improve the environmental impact of our products
• Secure the future and enhance our reputation
• Pursue economic prosperity and growth

Ahmed Omar Abdulla adds “By 2021, we will have a 75% national workforce and aim to increase the number of local chemicals, additives and packaging suppliers by 8%, introduce four new community initiatives, reduce our energy consumption by 9% per tonne produced, decrease our consumption of industrial water by 6% per tonne produced, decrease our hazardous waste by 40%, decrease our complaints by more than 40%, increase the volume of polymers we bring to the market by 65% and support our drive towards innovation by increasing the proportion of new products sales to 20%. These are just some of the challenging targets that will drive our operational efficiency and performance and also increase our commitment to the Country.”

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