Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai Awarded Patronage by Swiss Canton of Valais

Tuesday 21 November 2017
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) announced that it has signed an agreement with the bilingual French/German-speaking Swiss Canton of Valais. The Canton, one of 26 in Switzerland, is recognised for its high academic performance as per the PISA report (Programme for International Student Assessment) and will support SISD in an advisory capacity on academic matters for example the planned implementation of the Swiss Baccalaureate curriculum.

The partnership with SISD is designed to collaborate on knowledge transfer as well as reinforcing quality assurance through monitoring the quality of teaching and learning and reviewing exams. Educational experts from the Canton of Valais will provide additional professional development opportunities for teachers. Further benefits include active cultural exchanges between the school and the Canton during winter and summer camps.

Beat Sommer, Head of School, said, “Forging formal ties with the Canton of Valais will have a beneficial effect for the whole SISD community. We are committed to educational excellence and our partnership will provide academic and pedagogical quality assurance as well as further development of our staff.”

Christophe Darbellay, State Councillor of the Valais, commented: “The Canton of Valais is proud and honoured to support education abroad through the patronage of SISD to develop cultural and educational exchanges between the Valais and the school with the aim of fostering academic excellence especially in regard to the implementation of the Swiss Baccalaureate.”

Sommer continued: “At SISD, the partnership with the Canton of Valais enables us to offer the Swiss Baccalaureate as an alternative to the International Baccalaureate. This will allow our Swiss and international students to study at one of the prestigious universities in Switzerland.”

The Canton of Valais has a population of 340,000 residents and is one of 26 in Switzerland, with 200 schools, 42,000 students and 4,200 academic personnel.

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