ISAS School’s “Zait w Zaitoon” forum highlights the ‘olive legacy’

Monday 02 November 2015

Dubai - MENA Herald: The International School of Arts & Science School – managed by Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) – recently held a knowledge workshop to educate students on the significance of olive and its derivatives in the social, cultural and historical life in the Arab world. The activity – titled “Zait w Zaitoon” (Oil & Olives) – was conducted by students who were tasked with research and also encouraged to learn about the role of olives through stories from elder members in the family.

During the workshop, students raised awareness about the Levant region’s popularity in olive cultivation, its variety in shapes and colours, and the age-old practice of using olive oil to burn traditional lanterns. They also derived blessings of olive that resonate in the opening verses of Surat Al-Teen in the Holy Qur’an.

Students also highlighted the cosmetic use of olive soaps which lends it natural moisturizing and cleansing properties. While reflecting on the past, students celebrated the burgeoning use of olive oil for cooking purpose in our modern lifestyle owing to its unrivaled reputation for preventing heart diseases, regulating blood pressure and cutting obesity amongst other benefits.

The workshop was a part of ISAS’ continued efforts in helping its students connect with the region’s well-documented history, rich culture and the abundance provided by its soil and vegetation. The school believes that such events and activities instill a sense of pride amongst children and gives them an opportunity to fortify their identity in the modern world.

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