500+ high achievers felicitated at AMSI Annual Awards ceremony by distinguished alumni

Monday 08 February 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Keeping in line with its commitment to recognize and motivate exceptional performance, Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) – which manages Al Mawakeb Schools and International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) – recently felicitated high-achieving students in the annual awards ceremony. This year’s award program witnessed more than 500 students from grades 7 to 12 being honoured in the presence of their parents and seniors.

The awards were presented to students for their scholastic and non-academic excellence in the fields of arts, music, community service, and demonstration of strong leadership qualities. One of the highlights of the evening, in addition to the achievements, was the elite line-up of alumni guests.

Amongst the alumni that graced the occasion were Ms. Mahra Al Khaja, Project Manager at Emirates Global Aluminium and Ms. Ava Hashemi, Founder & Creative Director of Hâshé - a high end ready-to-rear and accessories store in the UAE. Also present were prominent alumni figures who have left a mark in several industries, including Esq. Abdulla Galadari, Managing Partner of Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants; along with Mr. Aref Amiri, CEO of DIFC Authorities; and the owner of GEMBA General Trading Company and Harvard graduate - Mr. Omar Sharaf.

The AMSI alumni presented the awards and addressed students to inspire them with their personal success stories and help students assess their ambitions. Lauding the efforts of the students, the alumni guests reiterated that awards not only acknowledge success, but also recognizes other timeless qualities such as determination, effort, and excellence. The guests encouraged students to celebrate the awards, whilst at the same time push themselves to achieve greater success.

The alumni also recollected their fond memories from AMSI schools as a place where they spent the best times of their childhood and adolescent days; in an environment where their characters were shaped and influenced. They further congratulated AMSI for building an environment conducive to both personal and academic growth, grooming independent and disciplined individuals with a sound educational background.

Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) provides regular opportunities to motivate students to walk the extra mile in both academic and non-academic programs, and be an example of diligence & remarkable performance to others.

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