Super Cars Club Arabia challenge to be held in Oman

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Muscat - MENA Herald: The Oman Ministry of Tourism has recently announced that the Super Cars Club Arabia Challenge is set to be held from January 23 to 28, 2016 in Muscat, Oman. Organized by the "Super Cars Club Arabia", the Omanaya tour is a highly anticipated event that gathers the region’s premiere exotic automobile enthusiasts in an exciting circuit that will bring them from the Sultanate’s capital to the UAE.
Event organizers noted that the tour will start in Oman, where most of the 1,200 km driving will be done. The participants of the course will drive from Muscat and pass through the Sultanate’s other sites, such as Sur and Nizwa, before crossing the UAE border and heading to Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. The Omanaya tour will conclude in Dubai. A lead car and a follow car tasked with monitoring the accepted speed limit will be dispatched to manage the drivers.
Omanaya was organized following the overwhelming response Super Cars Club Arabia received for its Euroabia tour which was held in August 2015 to several European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and a number of other countries. Oman Ministry of Tourism is eager to promote such events as it highlights the country’s strong infrastructure as well as many notable natural and cultural attractions.

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