INFINITI Q50 steers your journey with graceful control and smooth navigation

Saturday 22 June 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Arabian Automobiles, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and the exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, invites motorists to experience the unmatched features of the Q50 that guarantee absolute steering control and delightful handling irrespective of the terrain and road conditions you navigate.

The Q50 is indeed designed with the motorist in mind – with its advanced systems engineered to react swiftly to the motorist’s intentions.  For example, ‘Direct Adaptive Steering,’ a world first, assures a super-smooth driving experience no matter the road condition. Its complete digitised system filters out unwanted vibrations, which awards you a seamless citywide journey thanks to the stability and confidence inducing feature.

INFINITI’s customer-centric approach is further reflected in the Q50 and the Drive Mode Selector feature. True to its name and the brand’s slogan, the driver is in complete control of the driving mode they prefer, thus empowering their drive. For one’s daily journey around the city, the standard mode is most suitable while the ECO mode option also offers greater fuel economy which is courtesy of the low power output generated.

With Sport mode catering to the performance enthusiasts through INFINITI’s renowned torque offerings, the car is customisable in Personal mode, giving the driver the ability to tailor the engine and transmission settings. The advanced features of the Q50, including the Direct Adaptive Steering System, are the result of over a decade of research by INFINITI to provide the most advanced models and a whole-new driving experience that remains unmatched to date.

Visit your nearest INFINITI Centre to discover the difference for yourself and learn all that the Q50 has to offer – and that its features, designed for the driver, are no exaggeration.

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