Dubai Culture Highlights the Importance of Islamic Culture and Art by Supporting ‘Rise 2017’

Monday 20 November 2017
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated entity for culture, arts and heritage, is continuing its efforts to highlight the importance of Islamic culture and art by supporting ‘Rise 2017’ – a weekend event that invites the public to experience Dubai’s thriving cultural scene at first hand via a series of engaging workshops, exhibitions, children’s activities and pop-ups.

‘Rise 2017’ will run every weekend for four months at Dubai Creek Harbour, featuring new initiatives supported by Dubai Culture including the ‘Make your Mark’ campaign launched by contemporary Islamic artist Siddiqa Juma, who is a contributor to the Authority’s Creatopia platform and also appeared in its ‘Global Perspectives on the Islamic Creative Economy’ book. With the support of Dubai Culture, ‘Make your Mark’ will include a mini exhibition and interactive session where visitors will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity by painting their own canvases. As part of the event, the Authority is also sponsoring celebrated designer, creative entrepreneur and artist Peter Gould to host design workshops for children, which took place on 17th and 18th November and will continue on 24th and 25th November 2017.

Moza Suwaidan, Director of Projects & Events at Dubai Culture, commented: “As demonstrated in ‘Global Perspectives on the Islamic Creative Economy’, Islamic culture and art are crucial contributors to our national economy and also play an important role in achieving the Dubai Plan 2021 vision for a city of happy, creative and empowered people who proudly celebrate their national identities. Our participation in this event reflects our mandate to drive the growth of Dubai’s Islamic creative economy in support of our leadership’s economic diversification objectives, while also enriching the lives of Dubai citizens, residents and visitors across all segments of the community by giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in Islamic culture and art.”

‘Rise 2017’ is expected to attract 600,000 international visitors, furthering Dubai Culture’s mission to raise awareness of Islamic culture and art around the city and also share it with the wider world. The event will celebrate cultural diversity and contribute to enhancing understanding and appreciation of Islamic culture and art as key pillars of the Islamic lifestyle and the Islamic economy.

Dubai Culture aims to enhance Dubai’s cultural scene and draw attention to the Emirate’s rich heritage with a variety of initiatives that take place throughout the year. The Authority’s mandate is to build bridges of constructive dialogue between different civilisations and cultures through enriching initiatives that benefit the Emirate’s citizens, residents and visitors.

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